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Improve Your Recovery Rates on U.S. and Global Commercial Debt Collection

Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. has been collecting past due accounts for Business to Business firms since 1999. Our experienced commercial collection teams led by John Monderine, combined with our world-class debt collection system, will help you improve your recovery rates and ensure you receive the highest return on every dollar placed. Request a Free Quote

As a Rapid Recovery Commercial Collection Agency Client, You Can Count On …


  • Expert account handling by knowledgeable collection professionals with years of commercial collection agency experience.
  • Consistent treatment of all your accounts, with each step in the debt collection process tracked and monitored to meeting well-defined performance goals and ensure we collect your money as quickly as possible.
  • Improved recovery rates on domestic and international past due accounts. Our recovery rate against U.S. debtors is substantially higher than the benchmark recovery rate of 14% by a well known Collection Agency Association. 87% of debtors who pay, pay in three weeks or less. 56% overall.
  • Global commercial debt collections expertise. We have multi-lingual collectors specializing in international debt collections, local offices in Europe and Asia, and a worldwide network of more than 2000 affiliate attorneys and agencies.


Full range of commercial collection agency services.

Rapid Recovery can effectively handle commercial collection accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency (from a few days to many months), in the United States, Canada and more than 200 other countries worldwide.

Expert collection account handling.

Commercial collections has been our only business since 1999. Rapid Recovery’s collectors have an average of 10 years collection industry experience. All of our third-party collectors have been certified as Senior Collection Professionals. Rapid Recovery Solution is also certified by the Collectors Guild International.

International debt collections expertise.

Rapid Recovery is one of the few American Commercial debt collection agencies specializing in international debt collections. We are the first and only private Commercial Collection Agency honored by the Debt Collectors Guild International for  our Worldwide network of collection attorneys.

Rapid Recovery has developed a network of more than 2000 affiliate attorneys and commercial debt collection agencies in every major metropolitan area worldwide. These professionals are your indigenous resource where a local presence or legal action is required to recover your debt.

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